Once upon a time, there was this girl.

She had curly hair. Two parents. Three siblings. One cat. And then later, no cat.

She mostly grew up in Utah, and then in Idaho. She learned to drive in a 1973 mustard-yellow Toyota Corolla. She learned the techniques of speech and debate and performed on the Drill Team. She graduated from Sugar-Salem High School in 19[xx]. (Yes, we really were called the Diggers...)


She attended Brigham Young University from 19[xx] to 20[xx], with a break in between to drop out for awhile, live in a cruddy apartment, and meet her future husband at Craigo's Pizza in Rexburg, Idaho, and serve an LDS mission to Detroit (which is just as glamorous as that sounds, and also about 100 times more difficult and wonderful than she suspected).

She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English and Technical Writing, and moved to Minnesota, with a break in between to get married to the love of her life at the Timpanogos LDS Temple.

While living in the bitter wasteland of Minnesota, she worked as an instructional designer and then as a web designer for a software company, and also started scrapbooking. She gave birth to two children - one beautiful girl and one handsome boy - and also acquired a cat.

In 2006 she and her sweet small family moved, sight unseen, from the bitter wasteland of Minnesota to North Carolina, upon the promise of never having to see more than an inch of snow ever again. She also began to develop her love for shoes and for Diet Mt. Dew.

Since then, she has made her home and her life in North Carolina, acquiring another cat and many more computers, and further developing her love for fonts, design, Pinterest, shiny things, Pink Lady apples, and napping.