Up. Might as well..

We’ve been fighting colds here all week. All of us. Not pretty. I get sick at the change of seasons (summer to fall) every single year, so this is no surprise for me, and it’s not as bad as it has been in previous years (and this could be because it’s still like 85 degrees outside, so really.. there hasn’t been much of a season change…). I feel the worst for the kids, though, since they don’t know what’s going on and just feel miserable, whiny, tired, whiny, runny-nosed, and whiny (did I mention whiny?). And I feel pretty bad for myself, too (let’s be honest), because it means no preschool for Rowen AND days’ worth of grumpy+sick kids when I’m not feeling too hot myself. Bleh.

At least we have the Simpsons 10th season to keep us company when we don’t feel like doing anything else and we’re getting up multiple times with the kids (i.e. like right now, nearly midnight). Anyone else up for a little self-pity? Lay it on me. I’m all ears. :)

Random Got Beautiful 

In non self-pitying news, I stumbled on a cool photography site dedicated to displaying photos of certain colors - you can submit your own photos to grow the display, and they link back to your online home. I’m going to dig up a few and send them in. :) The site’s called Random Got Beautiful. Let me know if any of your pics go up, and I’ll go check them out. :D So far they’ve got about 300 pics, and it makes for a really cool color collage.

Tomorrow’s PSF will be both Q+A from this week’s questions, and a cool tip. Stay tuned!

Now maybe I can go back to sleep. Heh. We’ll see. ;) If you see a bunch more posts from me tonight, you’ll know what the state of affairs is around here… 

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