There’s something so great about unpacking a suitcase. Makes me feel home again. And one can never say too many good things about clean underwear. :)

Elliott Funny 

Our babysitter, Linda, came to the door this morning, and when the doorbell rang, Elliott came running in shouting, “Pizza!”

Sure, it was 9:30 in the morning. But it might say something about how often pizza is on the other side of the door when the bell rings …  

Rowen Funny 

We were playing on our bed after naptime today, and Rowen laid down and covered herself with her blanket. Thinking I recognized the game she was playing, I said, “Oh! Here is a pile of laundry! I better take it downstairs and put it in the washing machine!” And I went to pick her up.

She poked her head out of her blanket and said, “Mama, I am hiding under my blanket, and don’t call me laundry!”

“What should I call you, then?”

“Call me Rowen!”

You got it, babe.

Dan Zanes 

We got our tickets to go see Dan Zanes in July! Yay!  This will be our first concert with the kids, and we’re all really excited. Dan Zanes is a former rocker, turned kids’ musician. He’s totally got a sense of the cool still, which makes us all feel really cool. Hard to keep any dignity around a huge purple dinosaur, for example, but Dan Zanes is someone I would play in the car even if I didn’t have the kids in it. :)

Up & Running Status :) 

Today was day 4 of our Up & Running with Photoshop class over at JessicaSprague.com. I am SO happy with the way things are going! It’s awesome to chat with everyone, to go look at the layouts going up in the private gallery, and hang out on the message board. I’m very pleased with the fact that our web site hasn’t crashed even once since that fateful registration day a couple weeks back. So that’s a huge relief.

Sometimes I feel like I have waaay too many things going. Most of the time having a lot to do is a great motivator and keeps me alert and on my toes. And then the tipping point (this time it was getting sick at CKU and losing basically an entire day, not to mention the 5 days of being gone from my normal life), and you get that whole domino effect until you figure out a way to get things back on track. That work/life/sleep/play balance thing is a tricky, tricky issue.