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Check Out My Newest Template

A great way to get your scrapbooking done quickly and have it look amazing is with templates. Snap Click Supply Company has my newest template available to you, and at 25% off, along with many other templates!

Below is the template, and 4 examples of ways to use it! Be sure to get your templates while they're on sale!

Photoshop Friday! Create Pinked Edges

Hi there! Happy Photoshop Friday! In today’s video tutorial, I’ll show you how to create your own Photoshop brush using a Custom Shape. Then we’ll apply that as a pinked edge on a layout! You can even download the template I use in today’s video. Here’s what the template looks like (with a couple of goodies from my friends at Echo Park and Nisa Fiin):


Step 1: Download & Unzip the Template

Click here to download the Photoshop template

Step 2: Open the Template

You can use this video with ANY version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Go ahead and open the template so you can follow along.

Step 3: Watch the Tutorial

(Remember that you can enlarge this to full screen to see the details. :)

Have a wonderful Photoshop Friday, and a great weekend!