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Word of the Day: Shift

Today's word is Shift.

Now before you go on to read what I have to say, sit and look at this word for a minute. What comes to mind? Memories or emotions, even sounds? Where does the word shift take you?

My take

I specifically chose a bicycle for the background image for this one, because the physical act of shifting is an important aspect of accommodating to the terrain you're on (just like in life). If it's smooth and flat we can shift up and get lots of great momentum. We're in "high gear." 

But when the terrain gets steep, we need to shift down to a smaller gear. This means that we can't go as fast, but we'll make it up that hill. On a bike (and in life, but this is hard to remember), we can't expect to make it uphill as fast, and we can't expect that we won't work harder for it. Shifting is the ability to work with whatever terrain we're given, even if it means going painfully slow (and it is simply painful, too) at times. But the downhills after that climb? They are amazing. More info on bicycle gears and physics right here.

Your Turn

What does the word "Shift" mean to you?