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{Color} Scheme On: Campbell Edition

I love the work of Joseph Campbell. He was an author, a university professor and a world-renowned expert in myths and mythology. He wrote about the universal "myths" - this is the real sense of that word, meaning foundational stories - that guide each of our lives. 

His insights link ancient and modern myth, religious and spiritual ideas, and the choices we make about our own lives every day.  

I recommend if you get the chance to listen to his series of interviews with Bill Moyers called The Power of Myth. This is my favorite way to learn his stuff, because while it's full of meat and insight, his conversations with Mr. Moyers are obviously extemporaneous and casual. The full Audible book is here, and there are excerpts and transcripts here. There is also a TV show called Mythos on Amazon where you can purchase individual interviews.

Ok, enough there - go find some Joseph Campbell! - and now on to our Color Scheme, the Campbell Edition. Here is the color scheme, and you can find the download with the Adobe Color Swatch file below:

Joseph Campbell, {Color} Scheme On by Jessica Sprague.

Joseph Campbell, {Color} Scheme On by Jessica Sprague.

And don't forget that you can visit the tutorial right here from Youtube to find out how to load this and all my other .aco color schemes in to Photoshop or Photoshop Elements!  

Have a wonderful day, and Scheme On!