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Happy New Year!

I am so excited to begin a new year! Everything feels so fresh, so uncomplicated, so full of possibility, and I love it!

Let me be honest for a second. Well, blogs always call for honesty, yes? But let me not be selectively silent for a second. I’ll be honest: 2012 was a really tough year, both personally and professionally. I watched and waded through a bunch of hurt and sorrow and sadness and confusion - of stumbling and wondering and praying and listening and hoping,



in the last few weeks of the year,

felling like I was really getting back.

My feeling at 12:00 on December 31 was one of immense relief. Done with that. Never want to do it again. I’m not sure what exactly this means, honestly. Getting back. Going back to basics.

I do know that it has meant a whole lot of changes. Lots of comings and goings of both people and priorities, and a lot of asking, “How much does this matter?” “How can I fix this?” “How can I let this go?” “What do I do now?” The answers sometimes haven’t been (and still aren’t) clear. But moving is so, so much better than being completely stuck.

I think the New Year is a real time - a literal time - for that recommitment to our best selves. The “angels of our better nature,” as Lincoln called it.

This year, I’ve chosen a word. It’ll be my word until it isn’t meaningful for the place in my life I’m at right now, which may not coincide with this year. But for now, it is my word:

Jesus said (and anything Jesus said is a promise - straight from the Savior), Seek and Ye Shall Find. So why isn’t my word, “Seek?” because my word implies seeking - focused and sincere, but also faith. That in the midst of seeking, I know I will find. Answers to my questions. Hope. Inspiration. Forgiveness. Courage.

With an eye toward that, I’m revamping a bunch of aspects of my personal AND my professional life. I’ll share some of those in the coming days and weeks.

So as we begin our New Year together, I’d love to know - what is your word? What are you recommitting to? What do you seek?