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FontSpotting: Passions Conflict by Linotype

I was browsing through the latest catalog from Levenger (who, by the way, make my favorite notebooks, the Circa system), and I spotted Passions Conflict, a great embellished script from Linotype. Hello there, lovely!

From the  Levenger  Catalog, Holiday 2014

From the Levenger Catalog, Holiday 2014

Levenger, with their array of pens (including fountain pens!) and paper and notebooks for the seriously serious paper aesthete (their words include "super-smooth" "thick and substantial"), it's no surprise that the typography for the catalog needs to be elegant and spot-on. And of course I'm drawn to it like a month to a flame!

The designer used Passions Conflict in combination with a simple all-caps sans-serif for all the titles in the catalog, and in a Christmas/Holiday setting, Passions Conflict feels really high-end - like an invitation to a gorgeously decorated party. 

Here's the sample with all the characters in it:

Passions Conflict by Linotype

Passions Conflict by Linotype

You can purchase Passions Conflict at $25.00.