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Word of the Day: Exhale.

Yesterday's post about the language in The Lord of the Rings got me thinking about words. Words in general, and verbs in particular. I love their evocativeness, and the layered meanings they can produce. So today's word is: Exhale.

Now before you go on to read what I have to say, sit and look at this word for a minute. What comes to mind? Memories or emotions, even sounds? Where does exhale take you?

Here's my take

There's something really beautiful about breathing out. Somehow focusing on this cycle of in-breath and out-breath connects me - roots me to earth, to the space I'm in. I'm brought back into the present moment. Focus. And for me, there's an aspect of letting go - letting go of held breath, letting go of held emotion, letting go of held worry and fear. Just an exhale, out into the world, and a space inside waiting to be consciously filled again. 

Your Take

What does exhale say to you? You can write it here, or on your own blog and link back! Be sure to pin the image so you can collect them. There'll be more. :)