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Take More Pictures. Tell More Stories.

This last weekend we went up to our cabin in the mountains for the long Labor Day weekend. On a whim, we decided to do a little research on a place Jared had heard about in the area, something about a mine? Called Emerald Village. 

Turns out Emerald Village is the site of at least three mines, one of which was the largest emerald mine in the United States until it stopped production in the 1990s. The entire experience was awesome. And I am really glad I had my phone, to take a few pictures. But at least FIVE TIMES over the weekend I said, "Man, I wish I had brought my camera" - meaning my big Nikon DSLR. Which takes pictures about 50x bigger and brighter and sharper and better than my phone does. In recent months I've lapsed into using my phone camera for everything, because it's always there. Lately, though, I've pulled out the "big camera" and been amazed at how much better the pictures are (no surprise, really, but still surprising what you can get used to). Crisp and gorgeous. 

This reminded me that I have never once regretted bringing my camera or taking a picture (even if it was with my phone), but over and over have regretted NOT bringing the cam or taking the pic when the opportunity came.  

That's where today's poster comes from. Nobody ever regretted the camera brought or the shot taken. Take more pictures. Tell more stories. Shoot it. Write it down. Tell it to someone. Make a lasting mark.