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He's Just the Han to Your Luke.

In which we discover that we have somewhat clashing definitions of a particular word:



Scene: At lunch today. Jared and I, and some Bojangle's fried chicken. 

Let's listen in, shall we? 

Jared:  You know that guy - that whatever - friend, dude who I play Eve Online with? What should I call him, anyway?

Me: Oh, the one I tease you that he's your Internet Boyfriend?

Jared: <grimaces> Yes. And you've already made it weird. So thanks.

Me: Oh it's been weird before I showed up. But you two are so cute together, and you DO spend a lot of time flying internet ships around.

Jared: Ah! Stop! He's just my - I know! I'll call him my wingman.

Me: <stop with food halfway to mouth, eyebrows reaching hairline> Your... what? What are you doing in those spaceships anyway? Scoping out the ladies? You need help from your wingman?

Jared: <utterly confused>: What? Ladies? No! He's just my wingman, you know. The man who flies at my wing. My What do you mean scoping out the ladies?

Me: <incredulous> So, you've never heard of an actual wingman before? Like the one you'd go into a bar with and he helps you meet ladies? He introduces you, maybe chats up her friend, throws around compliments, gets the girl to notice you? You bring along a wingman to be a buffer, give you courage, that kind of thing. 

Jared: <thoughtful> Oh wow. I thought a wingman was an actual man, who flew at your wing

Me: Oh, so he's like the Han Solo to your Luke Skywalker.

Jared: Yep. Remember when they blew up the DeathStar? Luke was in an x-wing and Han was in the Millennium Falcon.