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{Color} Scheme On: Focus Edition

Here is a quote I love AND a color scheme I love, mashed up into one piece of goodness. What could be better than this? Here's what the scheme looks like, to download click on the .zip file below it: 

 {Color} Scheme On, by Jessica Sprague

 {Color} Scheme On, by Jessica Sprague

You can view all the color scheme editions in the Scheme On link to the right there in the category list. And for review, here's my video tutorial for how to load and use a color scheme in Photoshop:

Scheme on, my friend! Scheme on! 



Scheme On, Episode 1

I love color schemes! First of all, I just love colors in general. Secondly, I love seeing new ways to put different colors together. I was asking myself what I could do that would make color scheming even more fun and useful and amazing than it already is. :)

In this tutorial-slash-episode-one, I'll show you a great new color scheme, plus an inspirational quote of some kind (see below), and PLUS, the Adobe color swatch file with these exact colors in it! No more sampling out and hoping for the best - you can load these in whenever you need to, and you'll have them forever.

First up, the scheme itself. Like so:


So there's the scheme, and it's time to download the swatch file!  Just click on the button above. This file will come in as a .zip file, and when you unzip it, you'll find both the color scheme preview and file, which is the Adobe color swatch file extension. Once you have that, you're ready to load it in to Photoshop! See the video below!

I recommend that you keep both the swatch preview as well as the swatch itself in the same folder - just dump them all in the same one - so you can have an idea of what the colors are in that particular swatch when you're loading them. Have fun, and scheme on!