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Separate... Vacations?

What a day!

I took Jared to the airport to go to BlizzCon (yes, nerd alert!) in Anaheim at 4 a.m. He was so excited. He’s even going to participate in the dance contest (Troll characters in the game do capoeira, so who can resist that when he’s a capoeira player?). Hehe. I just never thought I’d actually hear Jared saying, “dance contest” with any level of seriousness…

I came home and crashed for a couple more hours, then it was a little more work, a little more playtime, packing, and leaving to drive over to Charlotte for the Creating Keepsakes Convention. I taught an All-About Me album class tonight. It never ceases to move me when 50 scrapbookers are in a room recording their own stories. Awesome.

A quick dinner and the online chat at StudioCalico.com and I’m ready to crash out for the night. I’m teaching 5 classes tomorrow (4 of them are back-to-back all morning long. whew!), and I can’t wait to meet a bunch of scrapbookers. :)

By now you’ve guessed which of us will be having a more relaxing time. :) Although we’re each geeks this weekend in our own way, right? :D 

Photoshop Friday #28! Rotating Brushes

Chat tonight 10 p.m EST :)