More from Toddlerville. :)

We spent Family Night at the Red Hat Halloween party. The employees decorate their cubes and the hallways, and their kids all come in costumes and trick-or-treat from cube to cube, and then there is pizza and games for everyone. It was awesome. Elliott got a lot of attention as possibly the smallest incarnation of Obi-Wan in history, but he got pretty bewildered, and only wanted to sit down in the hallway and eat the two candies that were in his pumpkin bucket. So Jared carried him for most of it. Pics to follow (someone needs to keep a running list of all this stuff I’m promising to photograph).

I love the RH Halloween party. In addition to being an awesome evening, it’s a great dry-run of the costumes so we can make changes where we need to. Like Rowen’s butterfly wings, which just wanted to fold up and lay across her back, rather than spread out. Gonna have to rig something there. :)

Rowen and Grandma Sue did manage to make holiday cookies yesterday, which was awesome fun! (Nothing like Ali’s cookies, which simply rock right over here, but way fun anyway :D), and Rowen got the chance to see my mom make homemade frosting - something that I would never attempt on my own. We colored it and then she helped Grandma frost the cookies:


It went like that for about 4 cookies, and then turned into this:


And then Rowen got to add the sprinkles, which was her favorite part. :)


It’s so much fun having my mom in town for a few more days.  She doesn’t get to hang out with grandkids very often, since my brother and his wife and their two live in Cincinnati, and we’re the only other ones with kids (until February, when Jason’s wife is due! Yay!). But life in double-toddlerville can get very busy and hectic and noisy, and let’s face it: messy. So I suspect there’s a teeny little part of her that’s looking forward to some peace-n-quiet when she gets home. :) (I know there’s a teeny little part of me that’s looking forward to that someday. :P)

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