Monday, Monday.

The winner of the RAK (which, for those of you who aren’t familiar with this term, a bit of a misnomer, actually, is a Random Act of Kindness.) Basically it’s supposed to be a sort of surprise of scrappy goodness that you get in the mail. :D

I suppose part of it is still random: I chose the winner using this handy Random Number Generator.  It divined that the winner is:

Kim Pitcher

Send me an email w/your address, Kim, and I’ll get you a little somethin’ in the mail! :D 


As for today, we started out well, thought we were all starting to feel better. Jared took Rowen to Urgent Care on Saturday, and the Dr. indeed confirmed it’s an ear infection. So she’s on those cute pink bubble-gum tasting antibiotics, and we’re hoping for the best. She was acting fine, so I took her to preschool, and things went kinda sharply downhill when her teacher called at 10:30 to tell me Rowen was feeling sick and wanted to go home.

So we went and got her.

She’s 3. So I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know how to feign an illness, but she LOVES preschool, and I doubt that she’d ask to leave if she was fine, so that’s cool. I just hope she gets feeling better soon.

One one super-cute note, though: We found her doctor kit when we were cleaning her toys this afternoon, and she promptly sat me down and examined my ear.

She said, “Sit down, mama, and let me take a look at your ear.”

Me: “Okay”

Her: “Let’s pull your hair back.”

I pulled my hair back away from my ear. She looked in with her red plastic ear-looker (what’s this thing called? an otocscope? I’m just guessing…), and said, “Ahhh, yes. I can see that it’s a little bit red. Looks like an infection.”

So we went downstairs for some “medicine” of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. :) Ears feeling better already!

Does this girl pay attention at the doctor’s office or what? :)

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