Halloween prep.

So the other night Jared and I were lamenting to his mom that we couldn’t find a cute H’ween costume for Ele. He wanted to be a Jedi (what with the love of space, and he already owns a light saber). But since he’s only about 2 feet high, none of the kid costumes fit him.  

She has become a GREAT seamstress in the past couple of years, and told us she’d love to make him a jedi tunic and robe. The package came today, we tore into it, set him up, and I must admit  that this is as close as I have ever come to being killed with cuteness:





There’s even a belt with a little buckle that does up in the back with Velcro. He can hang his saber on it when it’s not in use.  My MIL is a freakin’ GENIUS. Armed only with measurements and a pretty fair idea (having spent the last 30 years in a house with three boys and a husband who love Star Wars) of what the costume should look like. She totally put this thing together from scratch. It’s so awesome!

Rowen has tried on her costume (butterfly, by request - she shocked us all by asking for something that did not have wheels), but she floated away too fast for me to get pics. They’ll follow.

The weirdest part? This is probably the most excited I’ve ever been for Halloween. :) My parents made the rule that we had to stop trick-or-treating when we turned 12, so most of the early years I don’t even remember, and most of the later ones weren’t quite as magical. But this? My son in a miniature Jedi costume complete with light saber? Magic

Now if it would only stop raining by next Wednesday. :) (Not complaining! We need rain! Just one teeny one-hour break in the rain between 7-8 p.m. next Wednesday, please.  Kthx.)

So, what are your kids (and/or you!) going to be for Halloween? Got cool stuff planned? Does your neighborhood go all out? Do you even Trick or Treat anymore, or just go to safer events/places like the mall? Give me all the scoop. :)

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