Dan Zanes Recap, & etc.

It rained. So no swimming. But we did the next best thing! (hehe) We went to Target. :P

And here is the photo that Rowen has hanging on her wall now. She’s a huge fan of Mr. Dan Zanes, and got all shy taking the picture, although she excitedly told him that her favorite song was “the train song” (he sings like 5 songs about trains, but whatev) before clamming up.


The show was in Greensboro, supposedly about 90 minutes from here. But they were randomly doing construction on the only major highway out of town (ARGH!) on Saturday, and narrowed the 4-lane freeway down to 1 lane for about 5 miles. It was pretty hellish sitting at a dead stop on the freeway for over an hour, watching the minutes tick by. We were 40 minutes late for the show, but thankfully it was full of kids dancing on the dance floor and nobody minded us showing up so late. We got to see about half of it, so it was worth it.

Here’s another shot. Ele kept dancing in circles, and then he’d stop and shout, “Dan Zanes! Concert!” hehe.


And Rowen. Ah she had the greatest time ever. She knew the words to almost all of the songs, and danced her heart out. By the end it was a big party on the dance floor, so Jared put her on his shoulders so she could still see everyone playing. This photo makes my heart squeeze a little. :) (Partly because Jared is obviously just as in to it as she is…)


Aside from madly working on about 7 projects right now (more on this to come ;), and our rockin’ trip to buy diapers (toothpaste, milk, forgot bread - arg-) at Target today (rockin’, I say. Because thinking makes it true…), and getting ready to be gone for 4 days… alright, there’s no aside to that. That’s it. :)

Oh, and I don’t have mono. Just unexplained lumps on the back of my neck that are apparently my body fighting off a non-mono infection of some kind. But no mono is a good thing. (Go immune system! Rah Rah!)