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DT Call and Halloween Pics

I have been so sick. I’m sorry. I’m finally feeling like I’ve entered the land of the living again. Whew.

So my apologies if you’re missing an email from me, and my sincere apologies for missing PSF last week. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. ;) There is some cool stuff coming.

Okay, if you are a paper or hybrid scrapper, I wanted to let you know of a DT opportunity available to you. My good friend Kirsten Hegman is looking for new DT members for her monthly kit club, Those Were the Days. She pus together some SEROUSLY rocking kits every month, and this looks like it would be a ton of fun. If you’re interested, go check it out:

Design Team Call — Ending November 8th, 2006

Those Were the Days was created out of a passion for this art, but was
inspired by a love of the people it brings together. After our initial
year in business, we have taken all the elements that work and have
completely revamped our website, and we are now ready to share the
excitement and love with you! Those Were the Days is looking for a
creative group of designers to join Nisa Fiin and play with the delicious Stress
Relief:101 Monthly Kits!

This is what we’ll need from you each month:
**Create at least four layouts and one “other” item (this can be a
card/altered item/whatever you want) with the monthly kit.
**Three times during your one-year term you will write complete
step-by-step directions for one of your layouts or projects for the

This is the fun stuff that you will love to be a part of (these are not
**Designer Inspiration - this is a page on the site dedicated to our
designers! What a great place to showcase you and your work. This is all
you - you can host contests, play games, have fun!
**Our Forum - we have created a brand-spanking-new forum. Because we
like to chat. A lot. This is such a great place to get to know others
who share this passion/obsession for paper arts.

What we need from you:
Send an email to
kirsten@thedays-scrapbook.com and include the following -
**Your three favorite layouts (or projects) - one layout must be
comprised at least 75% with product from one manufacturer (we need to
see how you use coordinating products), and all work must be your own
unique designs.
**If you post in any online galleries, we would love the links so we can
get a feel for your style.
**List any past and current design team positions (no worries if this is your first one!)
**Are you a member of a monthly kit club? If yes, which ones, and for how long?  If no, have you ever been a member?
**Do you blog? Send us a link!
Those Were the Days


And of course I can’t resist putting some pics of my littles up.

Here’s Elliott the frog. 


Rowen the witch: 



And did I mention that Elliott was a frog? (The sweetest one ever. Seriously. And yeah, he did eventually make it into that Hershey’s bar). 


And I also mentioned that Rowen was a witch?


And my favorite picture of the evening:


One other Halloween story. Remember Jack? The pumpkin from a few posts back? (And about 9 days ago?) See, in Minnesota, it’s perfectly OK to carve a pumpkin a week before Halloween. I mean, you can keep it at near-freezing in your garage, or set it outside, where it freezes solid and would keep until spring.

Here in NC, not so much.

Poor Jack has become a blackened, squashed-in mass on our front porch. Our neighbor came over and told us that here in the south you can’t really carve the pumpkin until maybe the day before Halloween. Alas for poor Jack. And a good lesson learned for next year.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. Rowen went Trick or Treating for the first time this year. And she thought it was pretty much the coolest thing ever that you could walk up to our neighbor’s house, say a few words, and they dump candy in your bucket. I mean, what could be better than that? And I agree. :) 

Where in the world?