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Photoshop Friday: FamilySearch.org Tutorial

Hey there! I'm excited to bring back some Photoshop Friday fun! Today we're doing something a little different from the usual Photoshop Friday tutorials. With the Family History classes rolling out on my website, I know a lot of people are interested and want a taste of what we're doing in those classes, so here's a helpful video that will show you how to use FamilySearch.org to begin building your own family tree. 

Let's go ahead and get started!

After viewing this tutorial, feel free to jump over to the Family History Album course and view lesson 1 for free! To take the first lesson free, when you get to the purchase page, scroll to the middle of the page. You'll see Course Curriculum. There you can click "Preview" to start Lesson 1!

Photoshop Friday : Using a Scanned Item

In Memoriam: Elie Wiesel