Kindness Coin Jar

I was asked to make a little gift for a Relief Society (the LDS women's organization) activity last week. I was given this quote to work with:

"Our small & simple acts of kindness accumulate into a life filled with love and a sense of peace & joy" -M Russell Ballard

I love the idea of our simple acts of kindness accumulating into a life of love, and wanted to do something with the idea of "accumulating" I bought mason jars (in bulk from Walmart), and I created a little tag to wrap around the jar with baker's twine. And you know I used my corner rounder punch. Because I use it on everything. I have two of them, in fact. Okay! Moving on!

The jar can be used to collect coins each time someone in the family provides an act of kindness for someone else (making us consciously seek out more ways to be kind, and recognizing kindness as little things, but love that builds over time). When the jar is filled, the coins can be used for ice cream or some other treat. 

Print This One Out!

I've saved the quote as a 5x7 printable here, which you can download by right-clicking, or just Pin it to your quote board (I know you have one! My quote board is here, btw). 

What the Font?

The font is Fling by Linotype, which you can find right over here at Yep, it's a spendy one. But the alts are juuuuuust right to create a look that's modern and feminine without being too flourishy, and best of all it's readable even in a chunk like this. And would you just look at that letter K? Ah. I die from cuteness.

This is one of my top 5 favorite fonts, actually, and one of those I'd recommend investing in if you have the extra funds. You'll turn to it again and again. 

Have a great Monday and I'll see you soon!

xo, -JS