Tempting Tuesday

This Tuesday sees me totally drooling over this Giant Bundle of fonts - 56 of them in fact! Oh, and I just purchased it... because this is Enabling Tuesday. Or Tempting. Whatever. Featuring 12 top-selling products by Hustle Supply Co., this Giant Bundle will give your awesome projects that added touch. Some of the fonts are very masculine, which is great for adding to our naturally girlie repertoires. This set seriously has it all. Oh, and it's $29. Sometimes designers group together one or two of their best stuff, and then fill the bundle with so-so. But I'm excited to use ALL the fonts here. 

One of the struggles that all designers have is pairing fonts together. There isn't really a recipe, only a few guidelines, and they can be vague at the best, and downright misleading at their worst. The fonts here will make it really easy to pair, which is why I got the whole shebang. 

Pairing Sans + Sans: Hard to do.

Several of the fonts actually have different types within the same font. Enter Cast Iron:

Cast iron, from hustle supply co.

Cast iron, from hustle supply co.

This has your essential tall-n-skinny, designed a bit blockier for that industrial feel. But it also has shorter letters a little heaver-weight, but with that same squared-off feel. They're designed to be set together and look great. Check out his Cast Iron sample, filled with delight. And go over to his web site to get the FREE condensed version of Cast Iron.

Perfectly Pre-Paired: Easy

And of course there are fonts that just pair together perfectly, and he has done a bunch of the work with the mini-bundles inside. Like Gibson + Hochstadt:

gibson + hochstadt from hustle supply co.

gibson + hochstadt from hustle supply co.

Whiskey, Hustle Script, and Greenstone sealed the deal for me. And there are a lot of others! Love! And I LOVE it when designers make AWESOME samples of their work. The magpie in me loves looking at (and buying) all the shinies! 

Here's the link to the bundle from Hustle Supply. Tempted. Enabled. Done.


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