Join Me for Red Shoe Friday!

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.
- David Bowie, "Let's Dance"

In honor of the "patron saint of weirdos," and the permission he gave to all of us to be our own strange selves, I invite you to wear RED SHOES on Friday, January 15, 2016. Post on Instagram and tag #redshoefriday and I'll put up the gallery right here.

I wore one of my three pairs of red shoes yesterday, and 'grammed them while waiting at the dr.

I was asked a bunch of times where I got them: from ModCloth, which tends to turn clothes around pretty quickly, so they aren't there anymore, but the brand is Chelsea Crew @ ModCloth, and for the price, all the little hotties from this brand are super stylish! The heel is JUST high enough to lengthen your leg, but low enough you can wear them out to groceries or runaround without looking too absurd (although in a post referencing the late Mr. David Bowie, absurd is a GOOD thing).

Chelsea Crew = Good Love

I particularly love these little (non-red) numbers - after all, a girl MUST own a pair of just-right-yellow shoes:

Yellow in this shade is a neutral, perfect with dark jeans and any top in any shade of blue, or muted colors: think rust, melon, grey.

Although for more reds, let's take a look at a few saucy little sirens:

Sexy Librarian - Check.

@ ModCloth

@ ModCloth

Say no more, say no more. These lovelies NEED black or dark grey. Possibly a navy blue that doesn't take them into sailor-esque territory, unless that's the place you're headed. Pair with a sexy little pencil skirt and a demure sweater with maybe something a little wild underneath (say a top with little skulls on it, plus a grey cardi:

50's Swing Girl - Double Check

Or go all-in with a 50's style LindyBop dress + petticoat. I own this dress (but not a petticoat, alas), and get a million compliments every time I wear it. This is the front - the buttons sit just under the bust. 

And I wear it with these bright red patent mary janes. Oh do I slay. I absolutely slay.

Here are some with a sexy criss-cross that Tyra would be proud of. FIERCE!

Fierce - and Practical! Full of Win.

Check out some cute red flats, if you don't wear heels often enough to justify them. These with jeans or black trousers? SO CUTE.:

@ Zappos

@ Zappos

And if you're just jumping in to the red-shoe game, try a sneaker to combine your inner fierceness with casual practicality. See? You CAN do this. 

Even if you miss red-shoe Friday (which is tomorrow, and even Zappos might not get it to you by then), you can still play along! Just Instagram with the hashtag #redshoefriday and I'll have a gallery going here. If you prefer, just post on your blog or Facebook and link in the comments. :)

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