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The Unboxing of King Tut

The Unboxing of King Tut

Spotted this on Mashable the other day - the color photographs from the 1920s would be amazing in their own, but seeing color photos from the 1920s that are of the first opening of a 4000 year old Egyptian tomb is a whole other experience.  



Rowen is studying Ancient Egypt in her social studies class. Here's the question she was asked, and which I'd like to hear the answer to:

What would you take into the afterlife if you could?

And now since I know you said your computer or your device or the Internet, what would you take that is NOT one of those? Ha!

Here's how my fam answered:

  • Jared said: (barring devices of course) that he would take a huge, huge stack of books.
  • Grammy would take a photo album of her kids and grandkids.  
  • Rowen said she would take her bike. 
  • I said could I please have an external hard drive with Wikipedia on it? Everyone said no. So I said a stack of nonfiction and classic books. 
  • And Elliott flatly refused to consider an afterlife that had no devices. Crossed arms and looked away.

Now you. What would you take? 


Happy Veteran's Day, and Thank You.

New Friends.