The Unboxing of King Tut

Spotted this on Mashable the other day - the color photographs from the 1920s would be amazing in their own, but seeing color photos from the 1920s that are of the first opening of a 4000 year old Egyptian tomb is a whole other experience.

Rowen is studying Ancient Egypt in her social studies class. Here's the question she was asked, and which I'd like to hear the answer to:

What would you take into the afterlife if you could?

And now since I know you said your computer or your device or the Internet, what would you take that is NOT one of those? Ha!

Here's how my fam answered:

  • Jared said: (barring devices of course) that he would take a huge, huge stack of books.
  • Grammy would take a photo album of her kids and grandkids.  
  • Rowen said she would take her bike. 
  • I said could I please have an external hard drive with Wikipedia on it? Everyone said no. So I said a stack of nonfiction and classic books. 
  • And Elliott flatly refused to consider an afterlife that had no devices. Crossed arms and looked away.

Now you. What would you take?