I Got Invested in Some Kind of Fruit Company

So my compy has been aging. Computer years are a bit like dog years in that way. Except that even then a computer wouldn't reach middle age, especially in my line of work So it all came together when we decided to get a new laptop for traveling. We went to the Apple store. Realized that the MacBooks are CRAZY expensive, and THEN.


I remember the heavens opening, light shining down. Angels (or perhaps Enya?) singing, and like a moth to the flame, I was drawn over to this gorgeous 27-inch iMac. All other thoughts left me and I stood entranced by the pretty. Pretty! No big box under my desk! Screaming fast! A gorgeous giant display. And did I mention the gorgeous giant display? The Pretty!

The best part? It actually took NO convincing on my part to get Jared on board. Maybe he's sick of building computers for me. Maybe he was also entranced by the Pretty. Whatever the reason, it all came together, and I am currently sitting in front of that same gorgeous 27-inch iMac.

Hello there, beautiful new thing!

Hello there, beautiful new thing!

But you know, setting up a new computer is a lengthy process. LOTS of stuff has to be moved and re-downloaded and updated and re-installed. I store all my files on our file server, so it wasn't as much about the files themselves as all the little details.

Switching from Windows to Mac has tripled the amount of time it has taken. I've spent the last 3 days setting things up. Downloading software (the App store? love!), clunking around to find things, trying to get used to the fact that I can't maximize windows the way I'm used to, and that even though windows are floating around, the menu is at the top of the screen... Figuring out how to use Finder, how to FTP, how to reformat my external hard drive (after figuring out that it was formatted for Windows and that I'd have to dump everything, reformat it, and then put everything back, still working on that). Finding out that I have to re-tag all of my digital scrapbook files in the Mac version of ACDSee (boo hoo!), Hooking printers back up, finding network drives, the works.

But you know, even though it's tedious, none of it has actually been hard to do. In that way, switching has been relatively easy. The luckiest part, though, is that all the stuff I actually use all day is exactly the same regardless of OS.

So I can sit back and enjoy the pretty.

Am I a sellout? A cliche'? One of "those design-types who of course have a Mac?" Maybe. But sitting in front of this screamin', sexy machine, I kind of don't care. ;)

So tell me. Mac? Windows? Why?

Also: Can you guess the reference in the post title?