Monday Mashup! Clothes, Apps, Recipes, More.

Today I'm sharing a set of awesome stuff I've found - game-changers in their own way, whether that is a small way or a BIG way. And I'd love to hear YOUR game-changers, too! And in true mash-up style, these are completely random :

Zenana Outfitters Layering Camisole

Amazing camis of life. $4.99

If you wear camis a lot, you will understand how HARD it is to find one that:

  • Is high enough in the neck to actually do its job
  • Is long enough that it covers the boo-tay when you bend over, or to give extra length to some of your shorter shirts
  • Optionally has lace at the bottom for the extra sparkle of cuteness

I've been getting the DowneastBasics camisoles for years. But of course, since I live in North Carolina and not Utah/Idaho/Arizona, I have to order these suckers online, and they are ALWAYS out of stock in the white ones. WHY? WHYYYY!?

So I went on a really major hunt. This stuff is important, man! If you don't have the right underpinnings, the whole thing can fall apart (or show your butt crack) in an instant. Right?

So I stumbled on this Zenana Outfitters cami on Amazon, and ordered a couple to see how they'd work. i was afraid that the neckline was too v-shaped, but it looks awesome, more of a little scoop than a V. Also, the straps are adjustable. Crank those things up as tight as you want for more chest coverage. The length is perfect. Best part? These come in.. hang on let me count... 44! colors.

Oh and the BEST part: These are $4.99 apiece! Shipping is ~5.00 and doesn't go up if you get a bunch. Holy heck, Batman! Go grab ya some!


Genius iPad app for helping you unstick in your life. Free.

Unstuck iPad App

Unstuck iPad App

Unstuck is an app designed specifically for the iPad that is based on the philosophy that we get STUCK in our lives for different reasons and in different ways, and sometimes can't see the way out. By asking specific questions and summing up the data you provide, Unstuck helps you discover and define what is holding you back, and helps verbalize (well, write) what you can do to get unstuck. Brilliant. The graphics are cute and informal, the mood is super-approachable, and best part? It works.  Here's the link to Unstuck on the App store.

Ease Brain Fatigue with a Walk in the Park

NYT article. Free.

The critics of this article (in the New York Times) say, "Once again, science has proven what we all already knew." Walking in the park, or even being in, or looking at nature, provides calm and stress relief.

But I do think it's a great reminder that screens (which, let's admit, in the last 5 years have come to occupy more and more of our attention) and traffic, noise, hectic lifestyle, can cause our brains to simply wear down. The cure? Go sit in your backyard for a few minutes. Walk at the park. Look at the ficus in the corner of your office.

I really do think that humans have an inborn connection to nature - a sort of getting back to the roots (ha!) that happens when we head out into the trees and the grass and the growing things and just BE.

The article is an interesting read. Even more interesting will be your feedback when you go outside today, listen to a bird or two, grass or trail underfoot, sun dappling through trees, and tell me how it feels. :)

How to Scan, Absorb, and Process Information

Web Designer Depot article. Free.


At the other end of the spectrum - this time on how to crunch information into your brain during working/learning/research time - this article from Web Designer Depot provides some cool techniques, both for scanning information, and for creating scannable content. Worth a ... ahem... scan.

Lemon Chicken. Eat This Now.

Recipe. Free. Plus, invite me over.

Now, I'm not much of a cook, I don't pretend to be. But I have made this dish for my family at LEAST a dozen times over the past couple of years, and every time, it is so delish. The last batch, I added a couple of items. So here's how it goes:

Lemon Chicken TDF (To Die For)

1.5 lb or ~12 chicken breast strips (sometimes these are called tenders)

1 lemon, juiced, plus 1 T. zested peel 

1 c. fresh green beans, tips cut off (leave them long)

1 red bell pepper, sliced into thin strips, then cut to ~2 in. long 

1 c. heavy cream

2 T. white grape juice concentrate (you can also use apple juice, or concentrate if you have it, this is just to sweeten a bit)

6 thin pats butter/margarine

1-2 c. Parmesan cheese (shredded is my favorite)

Salt & pepper

~3 c. cooked rice

In a buttered skillet, cook chicken tenders, green beans, and red pepper until the chicken is browned and cooked through and the vegetables are crisp-tender. Place chicken and vegetables in one layer in a glass casserole dish. In the same skillet over low heat, combine lemon juice, lemon peel and juice or concentrate. Add cream, salt & pepper to taste, and heat through. Pour heated sauce over chicken and vegetables (sauce will be thin). Put pats of margarine over the chicken and shake Parmesan cheese on top. Place under a broiler for 7-12 minutes until cheese melts or browns. Serve over rice.

Adding the vegetables was a huge win. So, so yummy. Please let me know when you try this! Take a pic! :D

Have a wonderful day!