Coming Back.

So. I have thought several times about what to say concerning my absence of almost three weeks here. To say I have been sick is a gross misunderstatement. I have been sicker than I have ever been, and for longer than anything has ever lasted. I say that as a veteran of my share of ear, eye, and sinus infections. Childbirth? Bring it on. Broken bone? Simple.

Sinus infection, though, is notoriously hard to cure, and apparently this ONE sinus infection moved in and set up house and has refused to budge. Two weeks in a miserable haze of pain and sickness and the hopelessness and helplessness that comes along. Two weeks without a sense of taste or smell, or even the sense that I was ever going to feel better again. Just in bed. Truly I haven’t even saved out any words that are right for describing it. I rigged up some relief from the pain in my head and face - for several nights I put a wet washcloth on my face and put my heating pad over it to keep it warm. Then with headphones in (why does any noise just HURT sometimes?) I listened to the excellent Scottish voice of Andrew Johnson in his Relax+ app.

On Monday I started my 2nd round of antibiotics after the first one failed. My doctor assured me that “this stuff will kill anything”.

Two days ago I woke up. I woke up and looked outside and the sun was there. I went downstairs and ate what is possibly the most delicious saltine cracker that has ever existed. It was manna. I will confess that I wept a little.

It’s indescribable the hope that comes with feeling a little better. And the blessings I can count, now that I can count again. I  have been protected, kept safe, and watched over by friends and family and God in His heaven. I’m humbled to my depths for all those little blessings (the ability to walk up and downstairs without dizziness? the ability to fold my own clothes? and let’s not forget that saltine cracker), and so, so grateful to be coming back.