Introducing Photoshop Friday 2013

It’s crazy, but I’ve been hosting Photoshop Friday since 2006, in the form of tutorials here on my blog, posts for Creating Keepsakes, and last year in the form of weekly tutorials with templates released each week at

Even though the format has changed through the years, my love for learning and teaching Photoshop hasn’t - and it’s because I have seen thousands of women (also men!) learn the skills to tell the stories of their lives. It’s a marvelous process, and I’m humbled and grateful to be a part of it.

This “being part of it” is one of the reasons we’ve decided to revamp a lot of the Photoshop Friday stuff for 2013. You’ll catch it all (and hopefully won’t catch anything else, sniffle, cough) here at my blog, as well as our Facebook page (note: I hit my friend limit on my personal FB page a long time ago, so the best way to stay connected is through the page.) 

So for 2013, we’ll have a new Photoshop Friday each week, plus monthly challenges, a Q&A, and a live webinar. And probably more stuff as well, all tied up with a monthly THEME (and possibly a theme SONG, and also a LOGO, and even maybe a cool RECIPE which you can Pin and claim as your own at the next potluck. I won’t tell.)

But definitely a theme and a Photoshop Friday. That I can do. And I’m excited to get started!