And a month goes by…

This is what happens when vacation and summer heat and general weirdness of schedule all combine to create a spinning vortex from which no light (or blog posts) can escape.

I’ll do better. It’s August, after all. :) School starts in 21 days (not counting, right?), I turn 37 later this month and have my Anthropologie discount card in hand, and it’s the Olympics.

We’ve been watching the Olympics every night, all together as a family. It is so much fun to root for the swimmers, the beach volleyballers, the gymnasts(!), the runners - all examples of near-perfection in their sport, and it’s so inspiring to watch.

Jared and I have loved sharing the tradition of Olympics-watching with our kids - we are not sports fans, so this is a big deal around here - who are old enough for the first time to really appreciate it (AND will be 11 and 12 when the next one rolls around - gasp!), and helping them appreciate the history they’re watching: The Phelps. The Douglas. The Fab 5. The Franklin. The Bolt (even if we didn’t get to see him race! grrr). The Pistorius. The May/Walsh. Phenomenal. Historic. Stirring.

Their courage and dedication is unmatched - at least out in the open where the world can see. Their committment, their mental and physical toughness, their drive. It makes me think that maybe *I* can try a little harder in my small sphere - to be greater than I am.

And then came the Nike ads, to seal the deal.

Here (the 12 year old boy):


And here (Greatness is for All of Us)

I’ve been trying this summer (and not succeeding very well, to be honest) to find myself again. To come within sight of my path again - not daring to hope yet that I’ll get back ON anytime soon. To get some momentum, some purpose, some meaning infused back in. I haven’t found it yet. But these games represent something to me that gets renwed every time I watch - some promise, that with continuing courage and the will to keep moving, anything is possible. I can believe them. I do.

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