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Project Life Redux

Okay. So I am one of those ‘if it isn’t right, remake it, or keep working til it is’ kinds of people. That should probably come as no surprise. And this is my first year of Project Life. The first year we’ve offered a digital version of Project Life, and I’m learning things right along with everyone.

The thing I’ve learned the most is that I don’t like the white background. In the traditional Project Life, the page protectors have pockets in them that are clear, and there’s simply another aesthetic there with the white background that gets left when you fill the template with photos and journaling cards.

So over the weekend, I decided I was going to change. Week 16 isn’t too late to change, right? I added a background in two layers - a stitched background and a dark brown paper. And you know what? I love it now like never before. I LOVE IT.

Here’s week 1:

On this page I used embellishments from Pink Paislee, Echo Park, Liv Esteban, and Becky Higgins, all available at JessicaSprague.com

Right side:

On this page I used a card from Crystal Wilkerson (available at her site) and embellishments from Becky Higgins and Pink Paislee, and the pin is from Kitschy Digitals. :)

Over the next few days I’ll be reposting my first weeks as I go through and change them over.


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