Getting Up To Date

Well, my goodness! I owe several weeks’ worth of posts, and I’m hoping to catch up! We’ve had a lot happening here in the past few weeks - mostly preparing for and celebrating this:


My sweet baby girl Rowen turned eight years old last Saturday, February 4, and so came of age to be baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Her Grandma Carol (Jared’s mom) made her dress, and she had both sets of grandparents there for the ceremony and her birthday party afterward. It was perfect. What I can’t believe is that she is already EIGHT. While I haven’t aged a day.

Jared’s mom arrived to stay with us on the 18th. She was a HUGE help in getting ready, not only in sewing Rowen’s dress (on my sewing machine!), but in helping keep things together, plan Rowen’s party, and helping with the kids in general. My parents and Jared’s dad arrived on Feb. 3., and the last of our guests left on Wednesday, and I’ve been up to my eyeballs planning my Art of Poster Design class which begins tomorrow.

So that’s right now. This week.

Shall we go backward in time now? I have some photos & other images to show…

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