{Mo}Tography: 10 days, 10 apps - Day 2

Hi there! Welcome to Day 2 of our 10 days, 10 apps adventure as we ramp up for our {Mo}tography class! If you take photos with your cell phone, this class is for you!

Today’s app is an adventure in creating your own customized cell phone background. It’s called Pimp Your Screen in the iphone App store, and allows you to create a background on your phone’s wallpaper, and then layer “shelves” over the top of the background. So awesome! Here’s an Instagram showing our cool {mo}tography background with shelves layered over it. Best of all, the Pimp Your Screen app is half-off right now, at just $.99. Yay!

Android Alternatives

Now if you’re rocking an Android phone, we aren’t leaving you behind! There are several apps that will allow you to customize your background. The complication here is that there are lots of different screen sizes, so there aren’t any “shelf overlay” apps. These are the best I’ve found:

  • Wallpaper Wizardrii - allows you to set an image as your background, and then set the dimensions for both horizontal and vertical displays
  • Wallpaper Maker - allows you to “pin” photos to a background. Looks perfect for adding multiple Instagrams to your background.
  • Zedge.net - a site that has many, many backgrounds - lets you customize the search for your particular device so you get the right size
  • Google search for “shelf backgrounds” - TONS of awesome options here, for images you can download and place your icons on

Have an awesome day, and we’ll see you in {MO}tography!

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