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Announcing: {MO}tography

Whew! What a fall it has been so far! I can’t believe we are rolling in to Halloween and November! It feels like time is flying by. Today I want to share a class you might already have heard of - but that I haven’t blogged in detail about. I’m team-teaching with my good friend Heidi Swapp, and the class is called {Mo}tography.

{Mo}tography is for every person who takes pictures with their cell phone. That’s you, right? I know that’s me. Over the past year or so, I’ve stopped lugging my big DSLR camera with me everywhere. Mostly because I just forget in my hurry to get out the door to whatever it is. And also because I have a great camera with me all the time, for those quick candid shots. Heidi is the exact same way - and this was our inspiration for combining our skills to create a GREAT inexpensive class to show you how to ROCK YOUR CAMERA PHONE.

Packed with video instruction on over a dozen of our favorite apps, and with awesome details about Instagram and all its uses, our eight-day class begins with a LIVE web-show featuring both Heidi and I (I’m flying out to Utah! YAY!) at 7 p.m. Central time on November 8.

Heidi has prepared some really amazing hybrid projects featuring Instagram photos, and of course I’ll be behind the vids, showing you all the goods you’ll need to know to take, enhance, filter, frame, share, and print your photos like never before. I can’t wait!

You’ll be joining crafters and cell phone photographers from around the world in a week PACKED with fun and instruction you’ll use forever. The class is $19, and then will have a list of apps you’ll want to get, which are either free or low-cost.

Click here to register now for {Mo}tography!

And don’t forget to download our sweet, sweet phone background as you anticipate the goodness coming your way starting November 8! Here it is:


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Just remember to link them up here: Link to Motography class!

See you there! :)

xoxo -J

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