SpragueWest, Day 3 - Idaho Falls Zoo

We piled 12 people into two vehicles for the 45-minute drive to Idaho Falls this morning, and the Tautphaus Park Zoo. Stopped at Jimmy John’s for a pile of #1 Pepes (also, just navigating to link this makes me want to eat another one) and ate a picnic in the park.

My mom LOVES animals. LOVES the zoo. Married a guy who hates the zoo, and so will take any opportunity to go. ;) She bought each of my kids a disposable (film) camera to take photos of the animals since they didn’t have cameras (alright, I said I wouldn’t boo hoo, but I will - just for a second). Rowen ripped the cardboard off of the camera case and was trying to open the back so she could “see” the picture before we rescued the poor cam and explained that she had to wait to get it developed before she could see the pictures, AND that she could only take 27 of them. Man. Remember those days? We also had to show both of them how to wind the camera after each shot. SO CUTE. So.. oldschool.

I switched to my 55-200 lens so I could get some good shots of the animals, and had an awesome time practicing with it.

The grandkids range in age from 3 1/2 to 12, and they had SO much fun together. It was great to see them get acquainted, although Elliott kept calling Emerson (the 3 1/2 year old) William? I don’t know. And Emerson just said, “My Friends” for everyone. :)

This afternoon we came home, and after dinner the sister and sisters-in-law (Mike’s wife Allison and Jason’s wife Jessica) headed back to Rexburg to hit up Porter’s and get the film developed. I dropped off the cameras and boo! Porter’s closes at 7! So since each of us had history there in Rexburg (Mike and Allison met there, Jason and Jessica met there, and Jared and I met there), we drove up and around campus, pointing out landmarks - “I lived in the basement of that house when…” “I had some really bad roommates there” “Here is where he proposed” and so forth. It was so much fun.

We all went in to pick up the pictures - I am trying to remember the last time I picked up a roll of film? It has to be around the time Rowen was born, but of course I spent almost 30 years of my life anxiously waiting to pick up photos from the lab! The clerk handed us each an envelope of pictures, and we tore in to them immediately - the best part of picking up pictures is going through them as you leave the store and walk through the parking lot, right? One-hour photo is the 1990s version of instant photographic gratification. :)

We laughed at the shots the kids had chosen to take at the zoo. Especially of one unfortunate freshly-shorn alpaca, whose fuzzy red topknot had been left. All of the kids had pictures of him. He’s here:


They petted goats, listened raptly to Grandpa Bruce’s story at the tortoise enclosure (turns out their neighbor when they lived in Ethiopia had a tortoise as a pet, who would sit in the middle of the living room. The neighbor had a party, and someone sat on the tortoise, thinking it was a stool. He clearly remembers the screaming partygoer who had discovered their stool was alive.), saw monkeys, camels, lions, peacocks, penguins, a snake, serval cats, and of course got to drink from the legendary lion’s head drinking fountain. :)

Here are some shots:


I started putting the photos into two different Photoshop templates in prep for the printer to arrive (which should be tomorrow!) - I have a 4x6 horizontal document for a single photo, and then a 4x6 that has photo spaces for two 3x3 photos, like this:


I just created two 3x3 square clipping masks, and then added a texture, a quick Curves adjustment layer for contrast, and a frame over each one, so it’ll print out with the black borders. The top and bottom of the template I left blank, so I’ll trim off the extra inch of vertical space, and then cut the pictures apart. I think the consistent format will help the scrapbooks come together quickly - not to mention I can get twice as many photos on the 4x6 photo paper. :)

Ok, I am SO TIRED. We are two hours off in our sleeping schedule, going to bed way later than usual and waking up with the kids at roughly the same time as always. But it is so much fun to be here!

Here are a few more shots from the zoo day:

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