SpragueWest Day 14: Seattle

And so we come to the end of our epic journey.

We are sitting in a hotel room (only the 3rd we have spent since our trip began almost 2 weeks ago) near the airport in Seattle tonight repacking, resting, and getting ready for our really early flight back to NC tomorrow morning.

We left Dallas this morning at 7:30 and drove 4 hours north to Seattle to spend the day here before heading home. Jared spent 15 years of his life here, and hasn’t been back since he moved away at age 16, so he was excited to show the kids where he went to Elementary school, where his Seattle house was, and the neighborhood where he played when he was a kid. It was really cool to hear his stories and see him reminisce.

After our tour we went to the Space Needle, where we all bought tickets. I was halfway up the ramp with the family when I located the Fluevog store on my phone, and realized that it was only 2 blocks from the Monorail station. Since I am terrified of heights (also - is there a word stronger than terrified?) get feeling sick just thinking about my kids being near the edge of some long drop, Jared suggested that they go on and I could meet them after a little side-trip to Fluevog.

Who loves me? That’s right. MAN I am lucky.

I have been to the Fluevog store (in Chicago) only once before, and this store was JUST as cool to walk into. There is something so great about being able to try on the shoes before ordering them, and to talk with the salespeople there. Because I have been a good girl (I think this is a perfectly good reason for almost anything, by the way), I walked back out of Fluevog with TWO new pairs of deliciousness to remember my Seattle trip by. Who needs a Space Needle miniature when she can wear lemon-yellow Fluevogs instead?

Okay, so I owe pictures - lots of pictures. I think the hardest part of the trip has been trying to keep up with ALL the pictures. In 14 days I have taken over 1200 photos - and that doesn’t include photos I loaded on to my laptop that other family members have taken.

On Friday I ended up purchasing another Canon Powershot for the kids so they could have their own camera, and I’m so glad I did - Rowen spent Friday night, Saturday, and today taking photos and they are so different from the shots I got! I LOVE them.

So of all the things I have learned that I WOULD do again on a real-time scrapbooking vacation:

  • I WOULD choose my books and add my backgrounds before the trip
  • I WOULD choose two sizes of photos and stick to them: i.e. 3x3 and 4x6
  • I WOULD gather all the photos from ALL the devices each day into one central place (that is, my laptop) to streamline the selecting, prepping and printing process
  • I WOULD build more time in, possibly every other day or every third day, with a larger bit of time - I found that the ‘getting things out’ phase took a bit more time than I had anticipated - both with the laptop/printer and then with the scrappy stuff
  • I WOULD bring more adhesive. I started with 5 Tombow Mono refills and I am down to my last one tonight. This might not be needed if I had put the backgrounds in before leaving
  • I kept all of our postcards/brochures/maps/photos in one folder in the scrapbook bag, and this made it a lot easier to keep and to find things to put in the books at the right time. WOULD do this again.

Also, I would totally skip the Space Needle for a visit to Fluevog Seattle again. ;)

It is getting late and we’re getting up at 4 to drop off the rental car and head to the airport. We’re fully adjusted to Pacific time now, so I am thinking that losing 3 hours somewhere tomorrow will be a bit of a shock to everyone’s systems.

What a DAY. What a TRIP. I’ll share more of the scrapbooks, the process, supplies, etc over the next few days. See you on the other side (of the country!)

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