SpragueWest, Day 13

Wow - what a weekend! On Friday morning, we headed out to the Oregon Coast and Gleneden beach to spend the afternoon flying kites, playing in the sand and (in the case of my kids, at least) jumping over a few of the waves as they came in! The beach here is much different than the beaches in NC - most notably much colder - but the wind was perfect for kites, and the warm sand felt good on bare feet. :)

We spent the night at the beach house that Jared’s family owns in Depoe Bay, after eating dinner at the CUTEST little restaurant in Newport called The Chalet. If you are ever in the area, go and ask for the mixed berry pie. It has raspberries, blueberries, and an Oregon speciality: Marionberries. They are like big blackberries with fewer (no?) seeds - delicious. The pie. Aghghghaaa. So good I took a photo. (coming)

Yesterday afternoon we drove to Corvallis to view the baptism of our niece Fiona - who happens to be the cousin next older than Rowen. It was pure coincidence that we had made our travel plans across the date of her baptism, and so got to see lots of extended family members as well.

Rowen has fallen in complete love with her two cousins Emma and Fiona. It is so much fun to see them getting to know each other and discovering the special cousin relationship. It’s something I am sad that my kids don’t get more of, since we’re the family on the east coast with almost all of Jared’s and my families here in the west. But the longer I’m here - oddly enough - the more I miss home. Which happens now to be way over in North Carolina now. Not that it will always be, but I definitely begin to feel the longing for my bed, my kitten, my closet, my scrappy stuff, my kitchen, my own schedule, all the benefits that come with not living either on someone’s floor or in their spare room out of a suitcase. But I would not trade this time - this precious time of family, both in the personal sense as my family has experienced this together, and in the extended sense as we’ve reconnected with a few dozen people we love - for anything.

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