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Day 11: Dallas, Oregon

Thursday night, and another awesome day. I thought Oregon was really rainy and damp? But it has been sunny and perfect here. Today we went to lunch with Jared’s grandma - the kids’ great-grandmother, and then toured her home, where Jared used to come when he was little. It was awesome. She turns 90 years old in 2013, and has already invited us to her birthday party. Of course we will be back for that! :)

The kids loved seeing where Great Grandma lives, and ate beans straight off the vine in her garden, ooohhed over the “dinner-plate dahlias” with heads at least a foot across, and swung in the very same chair swing that Jared used to rock in when he was small and visiting there. It was so precious, and we got a four-generation photo.

We headed back to Dallas and our first night of Dungeons and Dragons - that’s right! We are geeking out with Jared’s brother and his wife, and their 12 year old son, with a pre-made D&D adventure with Jared as the dungeon master. All of the kids (8 between the two brothers) watched movies and fell asleep with grandma and grandpa while we went upstairs with our snacks and drinks, map and character sheets and dice! YEAH! We are kicking it oldschool! It is going to be even harder to keep my printing up to date with all the fun!

Everyone LOVES the little Epson PictureMate printer - my favorite part of scrapbooking in real-time so far has been the chance to see the photographs and hold them in our hands within a few hours of taking them. The kids feel so involved in the memory-keeping process this way, and keep collecting things we can put in our scrapbooks. Of course, I’ll be showing all the pages here soon!

SpragueWest, Day 13

Day 10: Dallas, Oregon