Day 10: Dallas, Oregon

We arrived at midafternoon to Dallas, Oregon and Jared’s parents’ house. We were going to do the full 13-hour drive yesterday, but crashed out at about 7:30 last night in Pendleton, OR. Needless to say, Grandma and Grandpa Sprague have been VERY excited to see the kids! Both of Jared’s brothers live in the area, and so all eleven grandchildren from this side of the family will be together for the first time since Rowen and Elliott were born. We’ll be gathering for a party on Saturday.

Tomorrow we head down to Eugene to visit Great-Grandma (Jared’s dad’s mom), who is our last living great-grandparent. So excited for that! There is also a plan to visit the Oregon coast on Friday, before heading to our gathering.

So just a quick note from the road! I am finding it very hard to keep involved in all the activities and then have the energy to stay up and organize and print photos - but I will keep on trying! :)

Jessica Sprague5 Comments