So Lucky.

So we had a GREAT holiday. A LUCKY one, too!

Monday morning we went to the Olde Fashioned Fourth of July celebration in the cute historic downtown of Apex, NC. LOVED. The kids decorated their bikes and got to ride in the bike parade, too!

Also, it was approximately one million degrees. So. sweaty.

Here is a photo of Rowen. And a photo of Elliott.

So after the parade, we ran home, packed up a few things - including our four new camp chairs (2 big, 2 small), and headed 3 1/2 hours due west to our cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We arrived about an hour before sunset, hoping against hope that the rain would stop soon enough that they’d still do the fireworks over the lake at Grandfather Mountain.

For the past 3 years we’ve set up our blanket (this year, chairs!) on a hill at the Grandfather Mountain country club to watch the dueling fireworks shows above Linville Ridge and the country club. Here’s the view as the sun set.

It was SO spectacular. HUGE fireworks filling the sky and making me scream for joy. I love fireworks!

Tuesday morning we had a meeting with our realtor. On the spur of the moment, he mentioned how the previous day, his three dogs had flushed a little cat out of the woods at his house. He had, of course, rescued the kitten, and was keeping him in a little kennel, and did we know anyone who wanted a cat before he took the kitten to the animal shelter?

Flash back:

We have been thinking about getting a new kitten ever since our little Cassie ran away in September of 09. Cassie was ‘rescued’ off of Craigslist, and came to us full of fleas (this we didn’t know). After a couple of close runaway calls, she took advantage of an open door one day and before I knew it, she was gone. We put up flyers and searched the neighborhood for 2 weeks, and never found her. BUT while we were down one cat, we were UP about 10,000 fleas by this point, and had to have the house flea-bombed by Terminix. All in all, an experience from June-November 2009 that I wasn’t  especially keen to repeat.

So we satisfied our kitten-love at the pet store, and only toyed with the idea of getting another kitten to keep our Janie company. I think I needed the 18 months to recover from our pretty disastrous kitten experience to prepare me for a new one.

Well, hearing that our friend had rescued a kitten who seemed destined for us, I realized I was ready to give it a shot. :)

Next day, we drove up and met a super-sweet charcoal grey kitten with keen hazel eyes, fine features, and little tufts of fur on its ears. We made an appointment at the vet on the way home, and on the way home named our sweet kitten Lucky.

Found out today that Lucky is, in fact, a three-month-old boy, and in perfect health (especially for having lived at least part of his life in the middle of the woods) except - you guessed it! - fleas.

Of course we knew how to deal with it this time, and wasted no time in bathing and treating the cat and the two rooms he’s been in, and calling Terminix. At least we learned, right?

What is strange is that Lucky seems to know how lucky he is - going in three days from the edge of starvation and running for his life from three big dogs, to a family who will love on him and treat him like a king for the rest of his life. He purrs whenever we get close to him, and is so incredibly calm, it’s amazing. In fact, it seems that we ALL feel pretty lucky. :)