*tap tap* This thing on?

I have written this post over and over in my head - this “Hey, I’m back blogging again!” post that eases me back in comfortably to communicating, recording, relishing, remembering.

Instead I get (have gotten) two sentences in, freeze up, get distracted, open up another Firefox tab, and suddenly an hour (or two days) has gone by, and still no ‘back to blog’ post. So this one is short and sweet to get it posted. In the intervening months of non-blogging, I have celebrated two birthdays, (one for a 7 and one for a 6), gone to Disney World, finished off the school year, traveled to Utah & Idaho, planted a garden, read a bunch of books, stopped eating sugary food, watched all of True Blood season 3, sweltered through a heat wave, escaped a tornado, rearranged my craft room/office, and oh, lots more things. Photographs and stories to follow.