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Guess My New Class & Win!

I am sitting here in my hotel room in Mesa, AZ, getting ready to go teach a scrapbooking class to 230 girls. I can’t wait! :) The theme of the class is “My Awesome Life”, and we’ll be talking about celebrating the small, beautiful things about our own lives. Made me want to blog a bit. :)

Also, it is 113 degrees here today. I haven’t been outside yet, and I don’t plan on being out there much, but now I know why the area (compared to NC, anyway) has that sort of dry, baked-in appearance. It IS dry and baked-in. And here I am like a shrinky-dink in an oven.

As a teaser, I wanted to let you know that on Friday during the blog hop (which begins at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time), I will announce what my brand-new class for July will be, and I’m SUPER EXCITED!

Anyone who guesses right (right here on this post) will be entered into a drawing to win free tuition! OK GO!


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