December Daily, Day 2

Yesterday afternoon it was almost 70 degrees when I picked the kids up from the bus (and I am not complaining! I’ve been celebrating lovely winters ever since we busted out of Minnesota 5 years ago). We walked home and I suggested that we make paper snowflakes. They loved it! Each of us made about 5 flakes, which we’ve hung with mini clothespins in a little garland across one wall of the living room. Here’s my December Daily page for Day 2:


I’ve already got it printed and put in the page protector, and I’ll be saving some of those flakes to put in the other side. They are precious to me, as the handiwork of these sweet little hands.

Another item that didn’t make the December Daily - I got an email from Veer yesterday, and apparently I purchased 300 credits in a big spree last December around this time (I honestly have no recollection of this), and they were telling me they’re about to expire. 196 Veer credits from heaven! It was like an early Christmas miracle. So I did me a little shopping yesterday and picked up some VERY delicious fonts. 10 of them, in fact - and you’ll probably be seeing them popping up in projects soon. If you’re a font hoarder like me, just wanted to enable you a bit by saying that is having a 20% off sale on fonts through the end of the year. Just sayin’. ;)

Some of the fonts that I acquired are:

Letterpress Family (these are so grungy & delish - especially the mixed-up one)

Dharma Slab Extra Bold (this font family has like 35 fonts in it, and the whole thing is so expensive. So I picked my favorite one - needing a great bold serif for the poster class I’m teaching in February).

Samantha is a new font to Veer, and is SO pretty. Comes with some very pretty ornaments and swashes, too. I think Samantha might be the new Fling, but brushier.

So all in all, a VERY good day. :) Have you been eyeballing any fonts lately? What’s on your list?

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