First off, I can’t BELIEVE that it is November already! Last I checked it was the middle of September somewhere and the hot Carolina weather was JUST beginning to break. I got caught in a 6-week time warp and boom. That ever happen to you?

So much has been happening lately, it is hard to keep up with the rush and the whirl. Elliott and Rowen started school the beginning of September, and I’ve been getting used to (in a good way!) having the house to myself for several hours a day to work. What a difference. I ship my family out the door at 7:30 and head up to the office to start my day.

Do you have rituals for different times of day? What do you usually do first?

Mine looks something like this:

8-9: Turn on Pandora to some classical. Emails, catching up with (ahem) Pinterest, Facebook, send out some tweets, write tasks for the day, look at calendar

9-12: Work - this is making layouts, recording, meetings, more emails, getting classes ready, more meetings. It varies every day, which I really like.

12: I usually get hungry. I usually eat. I try to avoid Bojangle’s and their delicious chicken strips that come with a biscuit AND an icy Diet Mt. Dew (very few restaurants have this in the fountain, another reason to love). I fail at least once a week. If you’ve ever eaten at Bojangle’s you know what I’m talking about.

1-3: More work. See above. Usually meetings, chats with team, getting classes ready, trying to finish up a few last things.

3:15 Head out the door to pick up kids. They arrive home on the bus approximately 100 yards from my house, but since it’s around a curve in the road, the bus driver won’t drop them off unless I am sitting there. But it’s a nice break anyway, so I don’t mind. Too much.

3:30 Kids home. We sit at the kitchen table and I put on more Pandora classical while the kids do homework and I look at the papers they have brought home. It is so many papers. SO MANY PAPERS. I have as much homework as they do, and some days more.

4:00 Kids go outside to play. What a blessing it is to live in North Carolina, where November is 60 degrees outside and the kids can play. I pick up some crochet or hang out on the porch with them as they pretend - recently it is Pokemon (Elliott was Pikachu for Halloween). Sometimes they go down and play with a few of the neighborhood kids in their yard.

5:30 Jared gets home from work. We eat dinner, hang out.

7:00 Kids upstairs for baths and pj’s. We usually watch a little show on Netflix and then read our books and scriptures.

7:45 Family prayer and bedtime. Rowen usually falls RIGHT to sleep around 8, and Elliott takes quite a bit longer - he keeps rolling out of his room asking questions and just generally being restless until about 8:30, sometimes later than that

9:00 Quiet time. Sometimes I’m back working. Sometimes hanging out watching old Star Trek or documentaries on Netflix. Sometimes playing a game.

11:30 Bed. I am trying not to stay up too late these days, so I’m not so wrecked in the mornings. :)

It feels so good to have a routine. It feels like things are working lately, and THAT feels so good. Having some time to define what I need to get done and just DO it has been the biggest game-changer for me this month. Love.


I just received my Daily OM (you should get this little daily nugget in your inbox if you don’t already) that talks about SAVORING life. Something as I rush through my routine each day I sometimes forget. It says:

When we learn to slow down, we rediscover the significance of seemingly inconsequential aspects of life. Mealtimes become meditative celebrations of nourishment. A job well-done becomes a source of profound pleasure, no matter what the nature of our labors. In essence, we give ourselves the gift of time -time to indulge our curiosity, to enjoy the moment, to appreciate worldly wonders, to sit and think, to connect with others, and to explore our inner landscapes more fully.

Beautiful thoughts, and I need to remember.

This reminds me. I will do a new post. ;)

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