Quote Wall, the Beginnings

So I was talking about this beautiful quote I got in my inbox this morning from Daily OM:

When we learn to slow down, we rediscover the significance of seemingly inconsequential aspects of life. Mealtimes become meditative celebrations of nourishment. A job well-done becomes a source of profound pleasure, no matter what the nature of our labors. In essence, we give ourselves the gift of time - time to indulge our curiosity, to enjoy the moment, to appreciate worldly wonders, to sit and think, to connect with others, and to explore our inner landscapes more fully.

I love the idea of slowing down. I tend to rush from one thing to the next thing, checking things off as I go, and hoping to leave huge amounts of “done things” in my wake. But I tend to focus on what’s next rather than what’s NOW.

A couple of weeks ago I started formatting quotes to put up on the slanted wall that is right above my head in my office. I have only to look up (LOOK UP! so metaphorical, no?) and see words of beauty and wisdom right there for me. I’ve been trying to put up a few a week - my goal is to have the entire 17-foot x 6 foot wall covered eventually.


Here you can see my monitors where I sit, and the wall in its infancy. To keep things simple I only use black and white, and three fonts.

And one of the first ones I put up is this one, fitting for my thoughts of the moment as well:


Love this secret to happiness. Gratitude and Wonder.

Jessica Sprague7 Comments