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So many metaphors, so little time.

I spent the afternoon and evening flying to Utah for meetings with Heidi Swapp. I can’t wait for that. I could do with fewer than 5 in-the-air hours today, but one thing flying does is give me time to think - to ponder about where I am in my life and what I want to fix, do next, etc. I always take a journal with me and always end up writing like mad. There is something about the feeling of pen on paper that sets the mind flowing, and I take advantage of it too rarely. Resolved: write more.

I finished a great little book I bought on Kindle called The Confident Creative - it’s actually about the practice of drawing - daily practice - and how it can free the mind and spirit to be more creative.

It’s not a how-to book about drawing. In fact, there isn’t a single drawing technique in it. What it mostly was, this book, was an invitation. To be more free, more open, more honest. It was an invitation to show up at the table like a ritual, disciplined and ready, but open (pencil at the ready, or already at work drawing), listening for the call.

Have you ever felt a Call? An Inspiration? The universe literally responding to your action? The slightest movement on our part toward creativity, toward harmony, goodness, love - is echoed by everything around us. That’s the addictive, elusive creative Flow that lets time wash by as we dwell in the moment.

I’ve been reading and seeing SO MUCH lately about Happiness. About the Positive Psychology I’ve been learning about for a year or so - how it takes such small things as thinking gratefully, smiling, acting as though the positive outcome has already happened, to change ourselves, and ultimately the world. In the airport news-stands alone there were three magazines with “Happiness” cover stories today. All agreed that thinking happy was a “surprising new approach” to being happy. That old phrase “Follow Your Bliss” is true indeed.

It stuns me how powerful thought and approach are. How critical mindset is. How important is the function of faith in everyday life. Faith in the goodness and rightness of the universe, faith in our own inherent abilities as creative beings, faith that what we do matters. Oh, how it matters. Resolved: Live with more faith.

Deep thoughts for a day spent on planes, no? But ultimately what I think it means is that my word - INTENTION - encompasses so much that I need right now. I went out looking - casting out into the wide world in thought and, well, intent - for all that this word might mean for me, and was so richly rewarded today. Resolved: Ask more questions, and be writing for the answer.

 Shawn Achor says in his book The Happiness Advantage (totally recommend it, by the way) that studies have been done regarding “priming” - preparing people to perform better using simple happiness strategies. For example, a two groups of doctors were asked to diagnose a series of medical situations. One group of doctors was given a lollipop before the test, and the other group was not. Guess who diagnosed the situations better AND faster? Resolved: Eat more lollipops.

I am so excited to sit down with Heidi over the next couple of days and plan our class together. She is one of those people that inspires me to be better when I talk to her - I am a better person and a better scrapbooker and a more excited and hopeful and creative thinker. I guess she’s a lollipop for me. :)

Do you have any people or situations in your life that are your lollipops? That because of them, you are better, happier, more excited, more able, stronger, faster, more inspired? What a blessing. We came to Earth to find family and community and friendship and mentorship and it’s no accident that we didn’t come alone. Resolved: Spend more time with the lollipops. But don’t eat these ones.

In other news, Ive been keeping up with my photo a day, but they are harder to post on the road. I’ll do a recap when I get back on Monday. Just know that last night’s photo is of Rowen reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle to me as we snuggled in my bed. And my photo today was my first stop on landing in Utah: my beloved Maverik, home of the 101 flavors of soda on tap (alas, there are never more than 5 anywhere in North Carolina), and especially Diet Mt. Dew. Bliss. I sip as I type and it is simple bliss.

Ok friend. Tell me about your bliss. Your lollipops. A time you heard the Call or danced in the creative Flow. Love it. Can’t wait. Let the metaphors begin!

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