My New Word.

The sun is setting over the tops of the houses in our little neighborhood, and above the black peaked silhouettes I can see the incredible artist-wash of color from pinkish-orange up through peachy yellow, and on up through a deepening blue I’m sure Crayola knows, but for which I have no name.

Another January day is passing as this year and I get to know each other - like strangers making careful conversation - as I begin to get the flavor of my new word, rolling around my mind and out my fingers:


First thought? The pavement on the road to hell.

But also, the power to act and not be acted upon. The power to choose what I will do with my time, how I will act, with an eye toward the consequences.

I feel lately as though I’m less a car driving down the road than a leaf floating in a stream. Both are going somewhere, but the leaf is carried at the whim of the river, while the driver of the car has the freedom to go anywhere.

I still want to enjoy my journey in the car - but I feel like I’ve been more acted upon, allowing time (the free time I have, anyway), to kind of flow on by, rather than choosing with intention how to spend that time.

So now, I choose to live and act intention.

Have you chosen a word? What resolution(s) have you made for 2011?

As part of mine - here’s my photo:


Janie is our sweet kitty who comes in to the office every day from 9-1 to lie in the patches of sunlight that travel across the floor. Jared calls her the Sun Slug, and I had to grab a photo of her in the midst of her ritual. We rescued her in March of 2003 as a four-month-old kitten - some friends had found her litter in a box in an alley, and she was the last they gave away. It’s amazing how much so silent a creature has enriched our life in the past 7 years. Mostly by showing me the beauty of a few minutes (intentionally!) spent just laying in a patch of warm sunlight.

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