So. Lots of exciting, and not-so-exciting things happened last week! Probably the MOST exciting thing was my very first Photoshop Friday LIVE over at my exclusive channel on Livestream:


live streaming video




I’ll be doing a new show every 1st and 3rd Friday (and possibly more often in the future if you love it…). This one was GREAT fun.

It might seem like my photo-of-the-day completely disappeared, and while I’ll admit to missing a day here and there, I am still managing to push on through - I’ll post a bunch of backlog when I get my 2nd monitor back on my desk tomorrow morning. Jared is borrowing it to test the New Quiet Fileserver, which is SO overdue. It’ll have 3 TB of space spread across 5 hard drives, and rather than feel like we’re in a wind tunnel, it’ll be quiet as a baby’s whisper. That’s what HE says. We’ll see when the final two drives show up tomorrow and the guts of a computer that are splatted all over my kitchen countertop are placed back inside that New Quiet Fileserver Case.

For now, I’m rockin a single monitor, and I must say, it feels small. I want to have another Firefox window. Or Bridge. Or ACDSee Photo Manager. Or TweetDeck - all of my Second Monitor Programs, and they’re stuck in oblivion right now.

But yes, I took a photo for today of the New Quiet Fileserver and its guts on the kitchen counter.

In other news, it looks like no new Casa de Sprague this year - the housing market is worse than we thought here (heard that news last Thursday - what a week), so we’ll be making do with our current house until things perk up and we can do better than barely break even. I know, I’m lucky that we’re doing that well. But it still sucks to hear. So we’ll do a big spring clean/purge and try to eke out a few more square feet from somewhere (garage? underground lair? sharks with laser beams on their heads?) for a couple more years.

In some ways having that decision made frees us up to make other plans for the year, which is fun. We’ll be heading back to Disney in March with Jared’s parents - just like we did with my parents two years ago. Elliott has finally passed the 40-inch mark, so he’s pretty stoked to ride Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain, neither of which he was tall enough to do last time. We’re also planning a Yellowstone trip this year, and who knows - Mexico? I’m just the kind of person that likes to have options, AND that likes to have something to look forward to. So we’ll just say Maybe Mexico is our keyword for the next few weeks, and it’ll put a smile on my face when the going gets tough.

Lastly, LOVED the Friday show, got a migraine on Saturday and it wiped me out for pretty much the whole rest of the weekend. If you’ve ever had one, you know that these pretty much put life and the whole world on pause for a day or two. Or three. But I’m feeling a lot better today! So next post!

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