I spent today recording and editing video, hanging out with my family, and watching the rain come and go. It has been beautifully, springishly warm here for the past few days - like in the 60s. Warmer than usual, in fact, but awesome. I’d prefer year-round 70s if I had it to pick, but North Carolina with its range from 40s in winter to 100+ in summer is pretty much second best. :)

For today’s photo I chose my newest pair of Fluevogs, which I got from the Chicago store last summer.


This is the stonework on our front porch, spotted with water from the rainstorm that passed through today. Also, these shoes (and some cute black capris) make me look like a pirate. Bonus.

I’m heading out on Thursday to visit none other than Heidi Swapp! Yeah! We’ll be spending two days hammering out the details for our upcoming Mouse, Paper, Scissors hybrid scrapbooking/crafting class, and I can’t wait. Heidi is super-inspiring, and pretty much one of my favorite people. Plus, I’m excited to collaborate with her on this big project! I’ll come home with project photos and a much better idea of the class details, but you know if Heidi is in on it, it’s gonna be GOOD. Can’t wait! I think I’ll wear my pirate shoes.