Kitten-faces & Stepping Stones

One of our 2011 goals is to move into a new house. It’s a biggie. And a scary one, considering that since the tax credit ended (I think it was September of last year?) only one house in our neighborhood sold. Nevertheless, you know when you get that call to move? We have gotten it. I think partly that’s because Jared and I are both working from home now, and we’re definitely feeling that we’ve outgrown the Casa de Sprague / Headquarters of Sprague Lab / Home of You’ll see some of it on the 21st in the LIVE Photoshop Friday we’ll be filming from right here in “The Office”, and while it’s cute and we love it, it is a fact that we need more room.

We’re hoping to stay here in town and move to a “stepping stone” house - the kind that is bigger and newer but not the DREAM house? That kind of house.The DREAM house (which I don’t even know what that means anymore) might not be in North Carolina, but that’s too much to think about. Even though “Headquarters” could frankly be anywhere in the world, it’s just too much to think about uprooting just now. So stepping stones. Steps into the darkness.

Today we went looking at a new development over by the other Elementary school in town, on a road with a cute name: Toad Hollow (maybe we’d call the new place Toad Hall!). Turns out they were having an open house party there today (hooray!), with a little manufactured snow sledding hill, face painting, a DJ, and a clown. The kids thought they were in heaven! Here is my photo for the day, Rowen with her face painted as her favorite animal - a kitten.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but I am in LOVE with my new 35 mm f/1.8 lens. It is great for being able to get a little closer to subjects indoors in low light, and the sharpness is awesome!

This is the best of the shots I got, although here’s a contender, of Elliott the Red Kitten, blowing some of his new bubbles out on the porch (it is about 50 degrees outside right now):


Coming back home from the tour to our current place - makes me a little nervous and a little worried - can we sell this home that has been the heart of our ordinary life for 4 1/2 years? Will the new owners love the red wall above the kitchen table? Will there be kids to play on the playset and gather around the firepit? Are there even buyers out there? Will I have to turn into Mad Crazy Cleaning Nazi to keep it up for showings? We’ve only sold one home before, and we had already left the state by the time the showings really started. We’re meeting with the realtor on Monday, both to sell and to look at possibly building Toad Hall. You know. Little things.

It’s all about the little things anyway, isn’t it? Even big things happen in little moments - stories added to the thread that weaves the fabric that makes a life.

So are you hoping to sell your home and/or buy a new place this year? Or sitting tight where you are to ride out the economy? Any advice for this almost-first-time homeseller?

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