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Whirlwind, Part 1

Okay so it’s Thursday. So much for my little inward dedication to writing every day starting on my 35th birthday, right? But coming back from an event - especially a big one - reminds me how exhausting they are, and it takes a few days to set things right again in body and mind and energy level.

First up, Creative Escape.

I taught my Hybrid Garland class six times over two days, plus an intro to Photoshop Brushes class on Thursday evening.

Here’s a peek at the hybrid project we did for my class:

It’s a 9-foot holiday garland in a cute storage/display box.

There’s a photo or a journaling spot for each day, plus date accents and book-page stars.

It hangs from floor to ceiling (or in a swag on the wall or the mantel), and that can be repeated year after year by switching out the photos. In a few years there’ll be a little forest in the corner of my living room. :)

I have only a very few “action shots” of me teaching and interacting in a class, so I was grateful when one of my TA’s for the two days sent me some photos (Thank you, Cindy!):

Yes. That flower is almost as big as my head. Doug “Mr. Bazzill“‘s wife, Martie, who owns the Scrapbooks Etc. store in Mesa, AZ, made these aprons for the teachers. SO CUTE.

So Monday.

Elliott and I hung out for the day, did some shopping, and then we went bowling for family night. It was our second time with the kids. First, how adorbs are these shoes? I could squeal. I think I did. And also they make not only bumpers for the gutters but this rack the kids can line up to roll the ball down.

I rocked it out with a 107. :)

But, in the end I got my trash kicked by my 5 and my 6 year old. It was awesome. :) Now I’m almost caught up to today! See part 2.


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