News & Haps - Echo Park, Cosmo Cricket, More.

Okay, so that last post was two weeks ago. *sigh. These things happen, right? I’ll get better.

So let’s seee….

First up, in the digital scrapbooking news, two new companies joined us at to exclusively offer their lines as digital! Echo Park and Cosmo Cricket are now our exclusive digital partners, and I can’t be MORE excited! Echo Park is brand new, and their debut at the Craft and Hobby Association show in July was a smash success. And of course you all know Cosmo Cricket. Started in 2006 by two artists, they’ve been rocking the paper world ever since. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for a long time, and have waited excitedly for each new release. Now I get to do that all over again as they release older and brand-new lines each week at! Yeah! :D

Also, we have changed our release schedule to include one more day of goodness. We now have NEW ITEMS three days a week:

  • Monday: Brand-new product goes up - this is the major weekly release, and what a seriously good way to start the week. Grab your drink, fire up the ol’ monitor and see what’s cookin because it will rock.
  • Wednesday: One Buck Wednesday. Now THIS, this is the highlight of the week for many - all our designers choose a couple of products to go on sale for 24 hours for a BUCK. One smacker. Unbelievable, but true. Wednesdays are the true stash-builders.
  • Friday: The newest member of the “holy cow, look at that!” family, Fridays are the new home of Photoshop Friday (formerly on Wednesday, which didn’t make sense to me except that the tutorial was $1). We’re also launching a new mini-class series called Hybrid Project Friday, in which one of the team at (or a guest artist) shares a hybrid project you can complete using your printer and some basic supplies. Also, these two projects are A BUCK EACH through the weekend. *sigh One more reason to love us some Fridays, right? :) So you can check out todays Photoshop Friday right here. And Today’s Hybrid Project Friday right here.

So have you missed some of the Photoshop Friday episodes? Each one comes with a printable inspiration/instruction sheet, so you can place them in your binder and they make a handy reference. Well, coming up on October 10 (10/10/10), we’ll be having a huge party, and I’ll be making ALL the tutorials available as a bundle. Wee!